Lostfoam - Cermak Engineering. 

  • The design office was founded by  Ing. Karel Cermak in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  • Contract with plastic (EPS) processing equipment manufacturer, Lendle in Germany as Senior Engineer until 1981.

  • Machine Building company Styrologic GmbH is formed.  The main Products in the first years of Styrologic were machines for processing EPS (Expandable Polystyrene ) especially for the Packaging and Insulation Industries .

  • First Order - Moulding Machine - Largest machine on the market at this time.

  • 1984, Auto Alloys, Shefield,UK, Steel Turbo Charger

    One of the first Lost Foam Plants built by Styrologic for Auto Alloys UK (White site process), Consulting and Training contract.

  • 1984, Auto Alloys, Shefield,UK, Steel Turbo Charger

    Styrologic specialised in Lost Foam Equipment.

  • 1987, Saturn-General Motors, USA, DI-Crank Shaft

    Saturn/GM Casting Production Readiness Center, Southfield, USA. Long term consulting contract, selection team member and Delivery of Test plant

  • 1988, Saturn , Franklin, USA, Al-Crank Case

    Qualified as Supplier of SATURN/GM Lost Foam Production plant in Franklin, Tenessee.

  • 1988, Saturn , Franklin, USA, Al-Crank Case

    Cooperation with Vulcan Engineering began.

  • 1989, Honsel, Meschede,Germany, Al-Control Valve Body

    Honsel, Germany, Prototype development, Plant delivery, Training, Tooling design.

  • 1989, Honsel, Meschede,Germany, Al-Control Valve Body

    Saturn Franklin USA, Cylinder Head aluminium and crankshaft, diff case in ductile iron. Training of process and equipment operation.

  • 1990, University of Paderborn, Germany,Peexpander

    Training, Tooling development, Pattern making for:

    R&D Unit for University of Paderborn.

  • 1992, Lovink, Terborg, Nedderland, DI-Carrier

    MEZ Czech Republic - Complete Lostfoam plant for motor electric frames including training, startup, tooling.

  • Tesma Toronto, Canada - Experimental Plant for Fe clutch.

  • Lovink, Terborg, Holland - thin wall cast carrier for Mercedes Benz as substitute for aluminium material.

  • Fonderia di Dongo, Italy - Aluminium intake valve for Opel.

  • Handtmann, Biberach, Germany - First Lost Foam Production Castyral line worldwide.

  • Handtmann, Biberach, Germany - Resonance pipe for Mercedes Benz.

  • Gusstahl Lienen, Germany - Lost Foam Plant and delivery of foam patterns for heat resistant steel components.

  • Franco Tosi, Italy - First production line for automotive castings.

  • BMW Landshut, Germany - Production system dedicated for aluminium cylinder heads.

  • BMW Landshut, Germany - High performance, high endurance most popular cylinder head in BMW engines. 2500 units per day.

  • BMW Landshut, Germany - Coverpage Giesserei.

  • BMW Landshut, Germany - Upgrade to new style of advanced sand compacting technology.

  • BMW Landshut, Germany - Ongoing continuous improvement.

  • Consulting for Vulcan Engineering.

  • Styrologic aquired by Vulcan Engineering.

  • Kamaz, Russia - Consulting on foundry use of Lost Foam Technology.

  • Karel Cermak Engineering  is created as an independent  organization to advise and consult on all areas of the Lost Foam Process in Industry.

  • Karel Cermak Engineering develops miniturised filler gun.

  • Miniature Filler Gun goes into production.

  • Karel Cermak Engineering continues with consultancy on current projects and development and design of new Lost Foam Technolgy.

Our services:

We offer consultancy on any of the following subjects. Or, if you have any other questions regarding Lost Foam Casting Technology please do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultancy services have been used in the past by Ford, BMW and many other of the top automotive manufacturers and spare parts manufacturers.

  • Study of components / castings for feasibility for use in the Lost Foam system.
  • Metal / Alloy selection  
  • Economical Feasibility
  • Lost Foam Plant layout
  • Selection of prototype method
  • Design of Cluster / Runner system
  • Draft  / concept of Pattern Tooling
  • Production plant layout
  • Plant Details / component  list
  • Training of Trainers / QC-concept

Due to lost foam technology innovations and the new design of our Miniature filler gun, the Lost Foam Casting process is now suitable for a much wider range of products than was ever previously possible. If you have a project that you think may benefit from lost foam casting technique at some part of the production process, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.