Cermak Engineering - LOST FOAM CASTING

With 25 years of experience in Lost Foam Casting technology Cermak Engineering is one of the best known names in the industry. We have been innovators, machine designers and lost foam consultants on many of the large scale industrial users of Lost Foam Casting Technology. Karel Cermak is one of the founding members of the Lost Foam Council and compiled the Lost Foam Dictionary. Our expertise is wide ranging as you can see from our resources and references section.

Lost Foam Casting Consultancy 

  • Component / Casting suitability for the Lost Foam Casting Process
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of utilisation of Lost Foam Technique
  • Economics¬†of the Lost Foam Process
  • Lost Foam Plant Layout
  • Design and Implemetation of Lost Foam Casting Technology
  • Custom Design of Lost Foam Casting machinery

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact us with some details of your project and we will advise if and how we can help.

We have several videos in our Lost Foam Process Steps presentation describing the stages in the Lost Foam Casting Process.

Lost Foam - Lost Foam Advice you can trust.

Cermak Engineering are not affiliated with any Lost Foam Equipment Supplier. With no vested interest, we are able to offer completely unbiased advice on a project by project basis for the best solution. If Lost Foam is not the answer, this is what we will tell you. We will advise on the benefits of all the options including all currently available off the shelf solutions or whether a custom design would suit your needs better.

Cermak have experience of the advantages and disadvantages of all Lost Foam Casting Technologies. We have designed our own as well as working with equipment supplied by all the major Lost foam technology manufacturers. You can be sure that the advice we give is going to be driven by what is right for you.

Lost Foam - Lost Foam Dictionary.

The Lost Foam Dictionary by Karel Cermak is an invaluable aid for anyone interested in Lost Foam Technology. The first half is German to English and the second half is English to German. Most of the main Lost Foam Technology terms, definitions and jargon can be found. This resource is viewable and downloadable on our Lost Foam Dictionary page.

Why Lost Foam.

A presentation that simply explains what Lost Foam Casting is all about and what its benefits are. The presentation uses real world production installations to show where a Lost Foam installation would be suitable. This resource is viewable and downloadable on our Why Lost Foam Casting presentation.


Download BMW Newspaper Article - English

Download Lost Foam Feasibility study - English / German

Download BMW Project pdf - English / German

Download Gluing Machine (klebemaschine) pdf - English / German

Download Pre-expander (vorschaumer) pdf - English / German

Dowload Lost foam filler gun pdf - English

Dowload Lost foam Tooing (werkzeuge) pdf - English / German